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Posted by RealityVictim - December 6th, 2010

RealFaction.newgrounds.com I'm back on my old account follow me there

Posted by RealityVictim - December 3rd, 2010

IMPORTANT NOTE: People STILL think RealFactio is dead! Spread the word that an album is out on Itunes, direct them to this profile, and tell them that a new single is coming to Itunes as well as a new album. Read on....

Sorry havent updated in a while, but heres the updates for December!

Piercing Lazer

You might think Piercing Lazer has been dead since "Simple Sight" (the song for the Necromancer boss in Castle Crashers), but we are very much alive. Did I say WE? Yes, I did. Originally in 2007 for a while it was me and Dustin, but then for the past few years it's just been me. Well I'm happy to announce the duo is back, so welcome the newest member, Jimmy from AZ. Yeah we cant play live or get together but he's going in the studio to help me record the first Itunes album! So Piercing Lazer will have real instruments! Should be done by mid to late 2011 so stay tuned.


I'm about halfway done with the album due for next year. The newest single "One Step Flash is out now in the Itunes store! You can see a preview in my songs, but the full version you can buy for only 99 cents =]. If you did and told your friends it would really help me, I need all the support I can get! Not much more to say but the album is definately a different sound and I even bring back a couple songs. Also check out my new remix of "Beatilicious" the title track of my current album on Itunes, go buy the album!

"One Step Flash" is on Itunes now for almost a dollar so if you want to support me go buy it :)

RealFactionRealFaction Youtube

RealFaction and Piercing Lazer fans click here! (New single on Itunes!)

Posted by RealityVictim - November 14th, 2010

I've had all these crazy ideas to get out, but have had a hard time finding animators. I draw like crap too. I know alot of writers like to do their own ideas, but if my ideas are executed right the flash may be successful.

I'll post a couple ideas i've had for a few years, hoping no one steals them. Seriously just message me if you want yo use the ideas, just give me credit.

I have an old comic series called "Pacman: The Lost Chronicles". It's a prequel to the original world famous game. It's about how they ended up in the neverending series of mazes. This is a dark twisted horror/action/adventure series and pacman is actually the bad guy! Theres more to it then that but if you're a GOOD artist who is serious about taking up this project, let me know. It would be based on the 7 issues i made and beyond that. Each episode would be around 3 to 5 minutes or less.

I have an idea for a game that involves a shrunk kid who roams around his house trying to find the antidote in a sidescrolling adventure. Levels such as under the couch, inside a computer, and inside a camcorder are some ideas. If you're interested let me know.

Contact me on here if you're interested in working with me. I'm also a musician who made music for Castle Crashers (Piercing Lazer) and custom made music for independant films. Whether it's a story or music, just let me know, I'm looking for work.


Posted by RealityVictim - October 6th, 2010

Ok so I'm working on my upcoming album due in 2011, and I'm looking for singers! I mainly want female singers, but it's fine either way. But just so you know, I want most of the singers to be female. I can't give a specific number of how many i'm looking for, but I could estimate around 4, and maybe at least one or two male singers. One for each song of course.

Tell everyone you know, and send me a sample of your vocal work (or i may ask you personally if you want to be a part of this if you already have viewable audio and you're good). No hurry, there's months ahead. Though I would like to hear from you by the end of December.

Also, I'm wanting to get out there to my old fans back from the 2008 days. I need a bunch of you to ask me questions (and not be a douche) so i can make an interview video to be promoted so I can clear a few things up so people finally get it through their heads that my old account has been hacked! xD lol. Not trying to sound mean but the fact is alot of people still don't know. So send me questions and they might end up in the video!

Also, I'm trying to come up with a new idea for a collab, and a preview of the second single from my upcoming album is up. "One step flash (final preview)". Check it out.

Stay posted,

Posted by RealityVictim - September 27th, 2010

Sadly only 2 turned in their songs in time. Next time I do a collab I'll try to make more time since time has been a problem for most of the participants. I uploaded the results...

RealityVictim (RealFaction) + Tzunami + PocketPod - Security Breach (Collab)

Stay posted, I'm going to do another collab really soon :D

ALSO, check out the final preview of "One Step Flash" with vocals! It will be the second single off my new upcoming album due next year.


Posted by RealityVictim - September 24th, 2010

I really hate to say this, but nobody made it on the deadline time....so im extending it by 2 days. You have until sunday night to finish your part of the collab and send it to me. Remember, use mediafire.com and send me the link. Refer to the last post for guidelines.

Posted by RealityVictim - September 17th, 2010

EDIT 9/24:

Ok so i guess i didn't make it clear but I didn't want anyone to upload their finished product or anything, when you are done with your part of the collab, send me the file. Upload it to Mediafire.com and send me the right link. Good luck until tonight :)

Ok so I havent done much DnB, on my old account, I used to have a couple of DnB songs, but lately i've been messing around with the stuff and I say it sounds quite swell (but could be better). But then I thought it would be cool to start a DnB collab! I might do more of these if this goes well.

If you're an EXPERIENCED musician (im not talking about years here, just to the point where you know what you're doing with a solid sound) then comment on this post and I'll send you a 1:10 audio clip.

There's already drums provided and you can decide to use that or clip the song at 0:47 when the main melody stops where you fill that space, replacing the drums with your portion.

You get around 30 to 40 seconds (that's fair right?). The only thing allowed overtime is at max a 3 second fill to transition to the next portion to "pass the ball on" to the next person. That's where your portion ends.

You can slow down the song by half if you want to. The BPM is 330, just make sure it flows with that.


Of course this isn't a competition, or race, but you have to have the song done by the following date:

Friday, September 24th (today) at 7:00 PM EST

I encourage you all to be as creative as you can, and put your time and patience into the music, really put your heart into it.

On a final note, spread this post to everyone you know!

Happy Basslines,

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Posted by RealityVictim - September 17th, 2010

Seriously, i've been leveling up and idk if you have to get to a certain level or what just to post on the front page, what do ya gotta do? :S help me out here!

Posted by RealityVictim - August 26th, 2010

For the past few years i've had this idea for this animated series called "Tommy the Psycho Viking". It's a comedy about a 12 year old boy named Tommy. He's basically psychotic somewhat and a little on the dumb side and is super annoying (in a funny way). He's always happy except when you tell him vikings don't exist. That makes him mad. So the main plot, he gets sent to an asylum after an episode at school, he believes that vikings exists so he escapes and ventures our to find them. Along the way, he meets random people and it's really just random humor, sort of like the kids shows that make us laugh nowadays. I'm a musician but i LOVE writing.

I don't need much, drawing the character is basically a stick figure like body with some details. The entire series itself will be a basic sketch style, kinda like "Ed, Edd, n Eddy". Only no colors, just black and white. I just need someone who can animate something like "Rejected cartoons" or whatever that's called on youtube. Remember "My spoon is too big" or "i am a banana"? Yeah, sort of like that style. If you can animate and draw like that, that's really all i would need.

I can't animate and i really want to get this out there. So contact me if you think you want to work with me on what has the potential to be a funny/good series.

PS, this isn't the final version, but i want him to mostly look similar to this only a little better drawn (i draw like crap lol)

IN NEED OF ANIMATOR! (series pitch)

Posted by RealityVictim - August 5th, 2010

Ok so I released the first single from my album early, but it isn't on itunes yet and probably won't be until next month or less time than that. I didn't post it here because I didn't want just another freebie because I need support. If you truly are a fan, then you'll buy it on itunes when it comes out. I have been job hunting and it's nearly impossible to get one in this city unless you're a college graduate, so I need the support/money. I put it on youtube so you can at least hear it, but please don't download it.

Later this year I'm going to shoot the music video =] that'll be fun. I'll keep ya posted.

8/11: And finally to add on, I have a new Myspace layout, but it's temporary until I have my friend make a new one for me. I personally made the header at the top ^_^. Check it out, and buy some songs from the album, "I'm Mad" will be on Itunes at next month for sure, it could come out at the end of this month but isn't for sure yet. If you want to here it, click the video below, go on my myspace where you can add it to your profile, or go to Jango.com and look for me =]

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