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IN NEED OF ANIMATOR! (series pitch)

Posted by RealityVictim - August 26th, 2010

For the past few years i've had this idea for this animated series called "Tommy the Psycho Viking". It's a comedy about a 12 year old boy named Tommy. He's basically psychotic somewhat and a little on the dumb side and is super annoying (in a funny way). He's always happy except when you tell him vikings don't exist. That makes him mad. So the main plot, he gets sent to an asylum after an episode at school, he believes that vikings exists so he escapes and ventures our to find them. Along the way, he meets random people and it's really just random humor, sort of like the kids shows that make us laugh nowadays. I'm a musician but i LOVE writing.

I don't need much, drawing the character is basically a stick figure like body with some details. The entire series itself will be a basic sketch style, kinda like "Ed, Edd, n Eddy". Only no colors, just black and white. I just need someone who can animate something like "Rejected cartoons" or whatever that's called on youtube. Remember "My spoon is too big" or "i am a banana"? Yeah, sort of like that style. If you can animate and draw like that, that's really all i would need.

I can't animate and i really want to get this out there. So contact me if you think you want to work with me on what has the potential to be a funny/good series.

PS, this isn't the final version, but i want him to mostly look similar to this only a little better drawn (i draw like crap lol)

IN NEED OF ANIMATOR! (series pitch)

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Hey. I somewhat animate. 3 years of doing so...I love doing black and white animations. They save me the trouble of coloring frame by frame. Since I do all the visualizations of my animations. The flashes I have here are super old, from like a year ago, so my style has changed since then. Only problem is...I have a series of my own that I need help with and while I procrastinate on that I am looking to collab and I can't do projects too big. I am interested though. The reason I don't have many flashes on here is that I myself am not too good at writing out my ideas. so I look for people to give me some.

So i assume you've gotten better then? I like your style, it's just what I'm looking for...mainly like the stagbeetle thing, only better drawn. I could show you some old sketches if i can find them, otherwise i'll just draw them again, but i already have the ideas for the first few episodes. And so it seems this is one of the ideas I have that actually fills me with ideas. If we can really execute this well, i think this could end up being your best work, and this series has the potential to be funny i think. The episodes would be short like 2 to 3 minutes. Do you think you could draw Tommy and send me a JPEG? Lol i just realized u didn't animate stagbeetle. Well, you should make a short animation so i can see what you can do.