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RealityVictim's News

Posted by RealityVictim - July 23rd, 2010

I was recently involved in the "NG Game Jam", and i was the musician (wildcard) for Team Rabbit. We worked on a funny game and if you look on my page you can go to it and play it. We didnt win the competition, but it was fun. Also, I submitted two songs for an upcoming flash for next month that MIGHT be frontpaged (I believe it has potential), but it's coming to IPhone too =]. Can't say much, but I'll keep ya posted. I CAN say it'll contain one exclusive instrumental version of a track from my upcoming new album.

WHAT? New album already? Well, yep. I wanted to keep it quiet for a while because my current album still hasnt gotten that many sales, check it out. Search for "realfaction" on the Itunes store. I'm going to work HARD on this album, way harder than the last. If you want a preview, check out "Iris", "One Step Flash", and "The Glass Wall". All are previews and I'm eventually going to add vocals. I'll sing on some of the songs, but I'm really looking for female singers as well. If you want to audition, send me an audio clip of you singing to a song, and we'll see.

Quick note: DJ Brixx (my good friend/awesome trance artist) has been my inspiration to make sure that this next album is alot better. She's inspired me to work alot harder and gave me some helpful tips. Thanks Brixx ^_^

I'll have at least one update next month sometime, until then....

Keepin it Real,

Posted by RealityVictim - July 16th, 2010

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Posted by RealityVictim - June 29th, 2010

Please help promote my new album, ive been searching for a job as no one has hired me for months and I'm in a financial crisis. I have constantly applied to every place that's hiring around here, but the economy is bullshit. I've done all I can :(. So please, if you want to support me and my music, buy my album on Itunes. It's only $10.00 for 14 tracks, which is cheaper than most albums go for. Or you can buy some songs for $1.00 each. Please rate my songs and help me get into the weekly Top 5, that would also help. My fans don't know I'm back and think I'm dead because of those damned hackers. I'm broke, please help me.

I miss you my fans, and please spread this to whoever you can,


Posted by RealityVictim - April 12th, 2010

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This song is composed of samples from songs by Slipknot, Bring Me the Horizon, ACDC, Nirvana, Escape the Fate, and Mindless Self Indulgence. It was fun and very time-consuming to do, and I couldn't upload it on here or I would've been bitched at. PLEASE check out my Myspace and spread the word about my new album on Itunes. Just search RealFaction on the online store in Itunes.


Posted by RealityVictim - March 27th, 2010

Ok so I really want to get this album out there to whoever possible. Here is your chance to win a FREE COPY of Beatilicious! All you have to do is the following:

1. Get a group of people together to form a street team, and send a picture of your team to me in a message. (www.tinypic.com is a good way to upload and embed pictures)

2. Make flyers telling people to search "RealFaction" on Itunes and put the myspace link on the flyers too (www.myspace.com/realfactiondance).

3. As a street team you will give the flyers to people on the streets (where it's legal), and be sure to get a pen and some paper with a clipboard (or something else) to count how many people you gave the flyers too.

4. The contest deadline is April 30th. Be sure to add up the total amount of flyers you gave out, and send me a picture of your team, a copy of the flyers you passed out, and the papers showing proof you kept track (this is to prevent cheating) BEFORE the deadline. Whoever has the most flyers passed out wins!

5. The winners will be announced May 3rd (or around that), and the picture of the street team will go in one of my future posts and every member on the street team will recieve a free copy of the album, all I need are emails, or however you prefer to get the files.

If you still want to buy the album, it's $10.00 for 14 tracks, good deal eh? Or you can buy songs seperately for like $1.00. Just search for "RealFaction on Itunes.

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! www.twitter.com/realfaction

Good luck everyone!


Posted by RealityVictim - March 8th, 2010

My second album "Beatilicious" is officially out on Itunes! It's $10.00 for the 14 tracks. Of course alternatively you can buy the songs individually for $0.99 each.

I have a few remixes on there that includes my new remix of my old song Night Lights that never got to be on the first album, a remix of Darude's "Sandstorm", and Noisia's "Yellow Brick".

Now if that's not enough, this album incorporates many different styles, one of them being Hardstyle, with my own little twist to it. You'll hear trance, EDM, and much more! Every song has it's own unique feel to it, so don't just listen to one song and think it's like the rest of the album =).


Spread this video around to promote the album!


Much Love,

Posted by RealityVictim - February 22nd, 2010

Ok well I found out that I have to wait for the album to be on Itunes so as far as I know it won't be online until March but once I find out myself and get all the arrangements done, I'll be sure to post a link to buy it online. Now of course you can buy the songs seperately for like $1 not just the whole album. If you want more info about the album itself read my last post. Sorry guys, just a little bit longer then it will hit the stores online! PLEASE get this video around to whoever you can!




Posted by RealityVictim - February 12th, 2010

yeah yeah I know things look different but that's because these gay little faggot hackers that've been stalking me for over a year are messing with stuff lol but nah don't mind it, we're gonna get them soon. Anyways, remember, album release is February 19th!

"Beatilicious" is mainly a concept of "ear candy" and a "dark factory" feel to some of the songs while a big focus is the beat itself. I'm looking forward to seeing the feedback to this album mainly so I can make the next album even better! I know I'm not pro but I love the sound I have at the moment but I want to keep improving until my music sounds phenomenal. After this album, you wont see an album in 2011, but most likely I'll keep doing music here on NG, but I will seriously take some time studying and working harder to make better music.

Next Saturday the 20th I'm having the official release party so hopefully i can figure out how to make that live on BlogTV, I'm DJing =).

Although the hackers will not stop until we stop them, I will NOT EVER quit making music or posting it on NG and there's nothing they can do about it. It's been over a year and I even caught one of their guys and put them in jail and they STILL chase me? Tell me that's not stupid!

If you want to buy an album, comment here or send me a message. I will sell the songs online seperately but please at least some of you buy the whole album because EVERY SONG is uniquely different from the others. I already have some of the songs up here on NG, but I will also post previews at a different link.

PLEASE spread this video around to promote the album! I'm NOT dead!

/* */
I'm looking forward to this release in a couple of weeks!

Take care,