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RealFaction's DnB Collab (FRIDAY UPDATES)

Posted by RealityVictim - September 17th, 2010

EDIT 9/24:

Ok so i guess i didn't make it clear but I didn't want anyone to upload their finished product or anything, when you are done with your part of the collab, send me the file. Upload it to Mediafire.com and send me the right link. Good luck until tonight :)

Ok so I havent done much DnB, on my old account, I used to have a couple of DnB songs, but lately i've been messing around with the stuff and I say it sounds quite swell (but could be better). But then I thought it would be cool to start a DnB collab! I might do more of these if this goes well.

If you're an EXPERIENCED musician (im not talking about years here, just to the point where you know what you're doing with a solid sound) then comment on this post and I'll send you a 1:10 audio clip.

There's already drums provided and you can decide to use that or clip the song at 0:47 when the main melody stops where you fill that space, replacing the drums with your portion.

You get around 30 to 40 seconds (that's fair right?). The only thing allowed overtime is at max a 3 second fill to transition to the next portion to "pass the ball on" to the next person. That's where your portion ends.

You can slow down the song by half if you want to. The BPM is 330, just make sure it flows with that.


Of course this isn't a competition, or race, but you have to have the song done by the following date:

Friday, September 24th (today) at 7:00 PM EST

I encourage you all to be as creative as you can, and put your time and patience into the music, really put your heart into it.

On a final note, spread this post to everyone you know!

Happy Basslines,

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Comments (9)

Sounds interesting! Send me one? :D

Sure thing

I'm in :] this sounds like a really cool idea

Yeah i thought so too :) I've never done a DnB collab so i thought it might be interesting.

Sorry but I can't join. I would really like to, cause the idea seems pretty cool and new, to me at least, but I don't have enough free time and don't want to make you wait for me, plus I'm not used to working with such high BPM. But I'll be following this, the idea is really awesome. Thanks for inviting me and I'm glad you liked my DnB!

really it's high because of trimming but really it's not as fast as you would think. But it's a shame you can't join. Thanks anyway :)

Sure thing, i could try and get one done by friday :s if you can extend it by a couple of days that would help me greatly (if you can :)

I wish i could but i already made the deadline and i have to stick by it, because it was exactly a week from when it started. No worries im sure you'll get something done :)

I'm actually not sure where to go with this. I've got a few songs I'm working on at the moment, but I think I might be able to fit it in before Friday. I have my own set deadlines as long as I don't draw myself into another block.. so I think I can give it a try. Hopefully pull something off.

I hope so, looking forward to it :)

Thanks for inviting me^^ I'll give it a try =)

Mkay :)

Thank you for the invite to participate; I'm very interested ^^.
Send me one plz? =D

~Dj Sonik

mkay =]

there's only one day left but i'm off uni today so let's goooo send it over (:

awesome :D will do!

I'm not going to be able to finish in time :/
I've been really busy this past week, it's my last week of summer before I have to go back to school, so I've been kind of in a rush to get ready for that. This project kind of got the short end of the stick :/ but if you want to collaborate in the future, I'd love to be a part of it when I have more time to make beats.