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You've always been one of my inspirations, this is a beautiful song :). The bass adds goodness to it. Hope we can talk soon.

I have my realfaction account i dont get on this except to review (i got banned reviewing because of hackers).


I understand you worked hard on this but it just...it doesn't work. The bass was good but everything else was just plain imo.

I'm not being a jerk and this isn't a useless review, but I wish there was more I could say to help you.

RealFaction (I'm on that account, i can't review on that one though why i have this one)

Not to sound harsh...

It sounds a bit chaotic and all over, not very structured imo. It's kind of hard to follow and catch on to. The instruments are kindve cheap sounding.

This sounds more like a backround music kind of deal. I'll check your other stuff out but this doesn't sound anything like hiphop.

I don't mean to sound harsh...

But this really doesn't deserve to be in the top 10. But I say that because I know what you use. It's simple arpeggios and drum beats. You have ways to go.

Not a bad idea for a melody concept but experiment around, you'll find better instruments to use. Hope this helps.

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Bacon92 responds:

Simplicity, especially in electronic music, is not always a bad thing.


I don't really like the drums, sounds weakish. Sounds good up till 0:42 then it gets weird. I like the claps better. Nice use of the basses besides that part and 2:05 sounds like where this song should stay at more. At 2:17, that feels a bit out of place but nice fade effect. Overall I feel like the bass could be better it feels kind of empty in a lot of parts. It's a good start though, not bad.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/418770

grooveT3K responds:

Cheers for the feedback mate!
If you have read some of the earlier post you would see that this was actually my second track ever and I have since learnt more and can certainly see room for improvement, epically the bass as it didn't really have a distinguishable bass line per say.
Thanks for the support mate!

Needs some work.

The buildup was kind of weak in my opinion. Up till 1:29, everything is just weak. That snare feels out of place mainly.

After 1:29 though, i like the synths and the bass. This could be better but not bad.

RealFaction (I'm on that account, i can't review on that one though why i have this one)

Could use some work.

Not bad, nice use of sampling, but i feel like the synths could be better. I love the drumbeat though, hard hitting. I feel like it needs more energy IMO. Not bad though.

RealFaction (I'm on that account, i can't review on that one though why i have this one)

EricFreeman responds:

This song's hella old so I definitely agree the synths need work. However, I don't think this song fully showcases my producing talent so feel free to listen to one of my newer tracks if you want an accurate view of what my music sounds like.

I would've put this in ambient or easy listening

It's a pretty solid track to relax to. If you're full of energy it gets boring kinda but nice to listen to in the backround. Overall solid job especially with the bass.

Pretty good

The bassline is great, but the melody sounds too random at some points. Nice drums, and overall pretty good, just a slight change would make it perfect.

RealFaction (I'm on that account, i can't review on that one though why i have this one)

Bunnymajs responds:

Yeah well.. its a cover, didnt feel like changing anything more than the beat and tempo :)
But thanks anyway for the cc!


That bass...I know that bass...its kinda simple in my opinion. The song lacks quality in instruments. I know it's kind of limited of what to use in the program you use, sorry about that. You can find online samples though and manipulate them, or even manipulate different basses.

I don't mean to sound tough or insulting, just trying to help. In my opinion this song needs a lot of work. I WILL say the best part of the song was the organs, not bad.

RealFaction (I'm on that account, i can't review on that one though why i have this one)

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